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91www.networkshe.comHoroscopes by Joanna Watters. For more information on her astrology and tarot workshops in Greece and the UK contact Joanna direct on or 21st - May 21stYou're September's golden girl but new challenges are just around the corner. Saturns arrival in your Relationship Sector early October opens a two year cycle that will prove, if nothing else, that no woman is an island. Collaborative ventures are the way forward and being open to other people's ideas and experience are a crucial part of the learning curve. However, your dislike of being bulldozed is your protection against a powerful or controlling personality. In love it's out with the superficial and in with depth exploration. February events signal emotional commitment of the real and permanent kind. May 22nd - June 21stMercury takes you into the autumn at full speed. Make the most of being able to work in exactly the way that suits you best, quickly, creatively and efficiently. Early November brings events that slow you down, but only for a while. In the process you may even experience a wake-up call when you realize that you're capable of far more, or that you need to retrieve an inspired idea from the back burner. The New Year opens what could be one of the most successful cycles of your life. Partnerships go from strength to strength or someone new coming into your life is, quite simply, good for you. June 22nd - July 23rdThe first half of the winter suits your usual modus operandi, being in control in a behind the scenes role or quietly getting the measure of a project or the competition. However, such skilful engineering must still be aimed at securing results. The New Moon in your Relationship Sector on 11th January signals a different dynamic, one that sees you engaging fully and reaching agreements without endless deliberation. In the process you may realize that it's not time you lack so much as a real strategy. Love issues also click into sharper focus in the New Year and a partner has an increasingly important role to play. August 24th - September 23rdUse September to set out your stall and start as you mean to go on. Luck maker Jupiter is moving you in the right direction, and teaching you that problems are often better solved by ideas rather than pure slog. Recognize yourself as a high achiever and others will too. Keep moving with the times. Saturns change of sign in early October signals that what you have created you can also change, whether it's a particular routine or a mindset. New Year events swing the focus to partnership concerns, complex, time consuming but worth the effort as mid March signals resolution and commitments. July 24th - August 23rdVenus arrives in your sign on 6th September for a month long visit. Business matters thrive when you link with other like-minded women and love, money and life's pleasures all get a shot in the arm. Action man Mars then fires up your creativity through to mid November. You're on a roll when immersed in a new project or shining in the role of inspirer. The New Year brings others into the picture, urging you to be realistic about what you can achieve under your own steam, and what needs teamwork. Circle the Full Moon in your sign on 27th January for success stories, professional and personal. September 24th - October 23rdSeptember marks the end of taskmaster Saturn's long journey through your sign. Set enormous store on hard won experience as these lessons will serve you over and over again. Clearer boundaries are at the top of that list. You now know that you can't become a fully creative individual if you're always people pleasing or bogged down in relationship issues. Venus in your sign throughout most of November proves the point in the nicest possible way. The New Year opens up new horizons and good fortune is linked to overseas connections. Circle the Libra Full Moon on 27th March for achievement.

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