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www.networkshe.com89Medical MattersOk so you do have to bare your nethers, but it's a very short and painless procedureDear Zoe,There are lots you can do together to get your 'Mo-Jo' back. Be assured this is a common problem in long-term relationships. I see you said what can I do, in reality, in a relationship no one person 'owns' the problem, so it's always best to seek help as a couple. You say you are well, but it's worthwhile seeing your GP to rule out any physical cause. If there is no physical cause for your lack of sex drive, then we have to consider other reasons, this is where it becomes trickier to tease out the reasons why women (and men) go off sex. Basically there are two fundamental causes: the relationship or the sex! (often it's a combination of both). Ask yourself two simple questions - 1) Do I still love or fancy him? 2) Is sex fulfilling? If the answer to question one is 'No' then it makes sense that you won't find sex with a person you no longer care for exciting, or fulfilling. If the sex leaves you unfulfilled despite your affection towards your husband then you must seek the help of a sex and relationship therapist. They can advise and guide you through a sexual growth programme and an exercise called Sensate Focus, designed to reignite the old flame you once had! No guarantees but it's always worth trying (and it's fun!)Revive your driveDear Dr. Edna,I seem to have lost my Va Va Voom in the bedroom, we laughed it off at first as 'just one of those things' but I can't get it back. We've been married fifteen years, are both fit and well, have two beautiful children and although sex wasn't everything in our relationship, it was great when it happened! We are getting upset about it now. What can I do?Zoehas to be to turn up when you are invited. Let them worry about the minutiae.OK, so you do have to bare your nethers, but it's a very short and painless procedure. We do not, and never have, used metal clamps, contrary to popular belief. Speculums, (the technical word) are plastic, come in various sizes, and can be warmed up if thought necessary. They are specially designed two piece hinged "tubes" that are inserted into the vagina, and opened gently so that we can see the cervix, which is the bit of the anatomy that we want to sample. If you have never had sex, it is not necessary for you to have a smear, so don't worry. (I know, I know, there will be somebody out there who will be the exception that proves the rule). We are bombarded by health care advice from all sides, me included, and my closing comments are personal, and probably not shared by all my colleagues. Illness is indiscriminatory, and however hard we all try to live a healthy life, illness strikes in the least expected places. Our screening procedures are designed to be the best with the information available they are not infallible and are designed to reap maximum benefit, to maximum numbers, with the added remit of trying not to cause anxiety. Having a smear can potentially save your life, remember, we are not looking for cancer, we're trying to prevent it. Waiting for the result is always anxiety provoking, but better than not having a smear at all. So, next time you get the invite, shout "whoopee, I'll be there!"Or maybe, just turn up.Dr Cath Hughes and Sex Therapist Dr Edna Astbury-Ward are unable to enter into correspondence other than through this feature, please send your questions to, Medical Matters, Network She, PO Box 142, Llandudno, LL30 9BL or email Should you have serious concerns or an acute condition we urge you to seek immediate medical advice from your own doctor.Sex therapist Dr Edna Astbury-Ward gives advice on how to get your Mo-Jo back in the bedroom.

90Network She I Spring/Summer 2012ScorpioCapricornPiscesSagittariusAquariusAriesOctober 24th - November 22ndMars powering through your sign in September gets the autumn off to a highly focused start. The further ahead you can get the better. The real changes, especially in terms of responsibilities and longer term goals start early October with the arrival of get it together Saturn, opening a cycle that will play out over the next two years. Circle the Scorpio Solar Eclipse on 13th November and Saturn's change of direction in February for major signposts. The bigger picture message is that your legendary determination and resilience are your strongest assets, in business and in love, as events in March will prove. November 23rd - December 21stJupiter continues his long journey through your Relationship Sector but switches to reverse on 4th October. This doesn't mean that business liaisons will collapse or that all your hard work will unravel, but at least two priorities will need revisiting. November also brings challenges as Mercury turns retrograde in your sign, bringing a three week period in which nothing is straightforward. Wait for the New Moon in your sign on 13th December for major moves or decisions. By the end of January Jupiter has you big time back on track. Partnership issues of all kinds top the bill of rewards that you truly deserve. December 22nd - January 20thSaturn's finale in your Career Sector singles out September as a time of achievement but it's not the time for complacency. Whatever you've learned the hard way over the last couple of years will continue to be of huge importance, especially as the winter brings a period of intense adjustment. You'll be learning a lot about power, especially your own. At the same time there's a network of clever people around you so nothing has to be shouldered alone. When it comes to fresh starts, both in business and in all affairs of the heart, the New Moon in your sign on 11th January points you in the right direction. February 20th - March 20thBe prepared for more trial and error than usual but most definitely do not lose heart. You know more than you think you do, but you can't ignore the messages around you to start something again from scratch. When Neptune marks a major turning point in your sign mid-November the tide starts to turn. Success hinges on a new understanding of what's required, not just from individuals but from the way your market is moving and changing. Emotional issues are part of the same picture as no relationship is frozen in time. Circle the New Moon in your sign on 11th March for meaningful connections. January 21st - February 19thYour autumn keyword is resolution. A long running issue can finally be settled or you'll be able to clear the decks in readiness for new projects. January is when you really swing into action with can-do Mars marching through your sign. Getting up to speed with technology will be a top priority. As you travel towards the New Moon in your sign on 10th February success or failure will depend largely on how you're getting your message across. The same applies to your personal life and your top tip is not to be perceived as indifferent. You have a passionate streak under the cool exterior - why not let it show. March 21st - April 20thSeptember is the last leg of a duty cycle, or restrictions that have been beyond your control are on their way out. This includes trying too hard to live up to others expectations or standards. You don't need telling that you're at your most effective when blazing your own brilliant trail. Mars in your Career Sector from 17th November through to Christmas allows you to do just that. A love relationship also flourishes when you learn that you're not an extension of another person, or vice versa. Keep your entrepreneurial fires burning and by March your results will speak for themselves.Horoscopes by Joanna Watters. For more information on her astrology and tarot workshops in Greece and the UK contact Joanna direct on or