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8Network She I Autumn/Winter 2012DEAR Network SheIf you have any news, views or burning issues or are fired up by what you have read, we'd love to hear from you at have a winnerI've got some great news to share with Network She! The Entyce Design Competition encourages higher education design students from across the North West to compete for a placement within Entyce Creative's design studio.It is with pleasure that I can announce the winner of that competition is Nichola Watkiss. Nichola has been offered a placement with Entyce Creative, where she will have the opportunity to work on live campaigns and see her work published!KathrynWe are alway thrilled to share good news. Full details about this exciting competition and the results can be found on the Network She website. Don't forget to share your good news with us at the wayI'm connected with Ruth on LinkedIn and also receive copies of your magazines. I notice you did a feature in your magazine recently about QR codes and what they are and how they can be used. I design QR codes, that is, I take boring black and white boxes and make them really stylish adding logos etc into them. And they still scan! I'd like to create one for Network She because you have such a great brand and the colours will look really good. Very few people know how to do this process so you'll be leading the way in QR style!DeniseSo What do you think, isn't it fab, Huge thanks to Denise Email: Web: Twitter: @DeniseHampsonA lifetime opportunityThe Network She magazine arrived this morning and the article looks wonderful. I was so touched by all you had said and written it really is wonderful, thank you so much for all your hard work and giving me this once in a lifetime opportunity. My head says thank you thank you thank you but my heart says moreSarah, via email We are delighted to bring you more of Sarah's mother's handy hints and top tips on page 52If you have any comments or a story you would like to share you can contact us at Network She Magazine, PO Box 142, Llandudno, LL30 9BL. Editorial Tel 0845 0095663 . Email @networkshe . Facebook: networkshe . Linkedin: Network She in touch!15www.networkshe.comwash, this should work after the first go but a second go may be needed. You can also try a little vodka this also works well.2.Removal of ink from colourfast clothes. Dab don't rub with an absorbent cloth, spray with hairspray, let it dry then sponge off with a solution of white vinegar and water , repeat until all stain has lifted and then wash as normal . This can be used if the shaving foam fails to remove it all.3. Carpet freshener. Get an old jam jar and fill with the cheapest bicarbonate of soda, add a few drops of tea tree oil and a few of your favourite smelling oil. Put on the lid shake and leave. Use a flour dredger to shake on the carpet leave for 10 minutes then hoover. 4. If you have a carpet that smells musty or even a spare room or shed , use cheap clumping cat litter, leave for half an hour and hoover up, it will remove all musty smells and make it smell perfect.5. If a room has a strong smell due to pets or tobacco or after a party, cut an onion in half put on a plate and leave in the room with the doors and windows closed, after an hour remove, the onion will have absorbed all the nasty smells. To get rid of the onion smell just open the window.Garden1. Mix in a bucket sharp sand and engine oil, just enough to make it look a little lumpy not wet. When you have finished in the garden put the tools, into the mixture, let them stand for a few minutes then wipe off and hang up. Cover the bucket with a bag, it will last for a year.2. If you get rust on your patio or garage floor use a pumice stone this will remove it, then just hose area 3.Using orange peel and lemon peel around your plants will stop cats going near them. 4. To stop flies coming into your house in the summer keep hay by your back door and windows.5. To remove winter dirt and grime from wooden garden furniture use a solution of white vinegar and lemon juice, use a stiff brush and dry with a soft cloth, all mildew and dirt will disappear.Linney Cooper is proud to offer you the chance to view beautiful themed rooms set over 3 floors. Displaying Carpets, Rugs, Furniture and accessories.Our helpful staff will assist you with making your house the home of your dreams.1 Mostyn Avenue, Craig Y Don, Llandudno. LL30 1YSTel: 01492 877000 . Fax: 01492 877 065 . Email North Wales' First Individually Decorated Carpet and Rug Showroom, we Welcome you to Browse and be Inspired at LeisureMrs Beeton14Network She I Spring/Summer 2012Flintshire Business Week 2012Biggest B 2 B event in North WalesFlintshire is OPENfor Business12 October - 19 October 2012 Do you want to participate ?Call now to discuss sponsorship opportunities Patricia Carlin - 01352 703042 email: Event ss 2 day B2B Exhibiton sponsored by Convatec ss Flintshire Business Awards sponsored by AGS Security Systems Ltd ss Seminars ss Flintshire Business Magazine sBUSINESS AWARDSFlintshire2012In association with AGS Security Systems Ltdfbw12 advert_Layout 1 19/03/2012 15:18 Page 1Both women have left a wealth of tips on everyday household hints and recipes they have passed on to be shared from generation to generation.The only difference is that Mrs Isabella Beeton rose to fame with her book of household tips in Victorian times and Pamela's secrets remained in her family until now when her daughter Sarah-Beth thought it would a fitting tribute to share some of its contents with readers of networkshe. Sarah-Beth inherited the book after her father died in 2009.Both Mrs Beeton and Pamela tragically died young, Isabella was just 28 and Pamela was just 33 when she passed away in 1970.Over the coming editions we will be sharing extracts of Pamela's tips with our readers. If you have any tips to add please visit the networkshe blog.Cleaning and stain removal 1. Removing ink from clothes. If the item is colour fast then just use cheap shaving foam. Work the foam in and then dab off and Legacy of LOVEMove over Mrs Beeton and make way for your contemporary Pamela Mary Savoury Pamela Mary Savoury

www.networkshe.com9Vocation, Vocation, VocationMeet the women whose careers are more than just a jobhis trade with patience and good humour. Initially in awe of this figure of authority, I had absolute faith that now he was here, my father would be all right. After all, that was my only experience - if you were ill, you saw the doctor, and he solved the problem. The fact that my father was on his feet within days after the doctor's visit only cemented that belief. Before he left, the GP handed me the used needle and syringe - unthinkable in the health-and-safety conscious age we live in today - and my career path was assured. For years, I kept the needle carefully sheathed in an old sherry cork, bringing it out to inject my teddy bear with Ribena. The needle has long since gone, but the bear remains, bearing witness to my amateur The WELCOME VisitorIn 2010 Dr Sarah Jarvis and the broadcaster John Humphrys published a book called The Welcome Visitor (Hodder & Stoughton). It had taken them over five years to write, and involved countless hours of sometimes heated debate around John's kitchen table. The subject of their passion, Death. Using extracts from the book, Sarah explains how it all started. Sarah's story I announced that I wanted to be a GP at the age of eight. I still remember the day - my father was ill in bed (an almost unknown occurrence) and the doctor came to our house. My mother fussed round the important visitor, keeping me out of his way - but I couldn't resist peeking round the bedroom door to watch him at work. Out of the Aladdin's cave that was his Gladstone bag came all manner of instruments - stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, ophthalmoscope - and finally, to my enormous excitement, a needle and syringe with which he proceeded to give my father an injection. The doctor spotted me and called me in, taking me through the tools of The GP handed me the used needle and syringe - unthinkable in the health-and-safety conscious age we live in today - and my career path was assuredTV doctor Sarah Jarvis reveals through extracts from her book how her father's death was the unexpected inspiration that led her to become a GP