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78Network She I Autumn/Winter 2012Stefani Germanotta - or more commonly known across the globe as Lady Gaga has indeed found her calling card within the music industry and is making musical history. Her first two albums 'The Fame' and 'The Fame Monster' differ greatly to her newer release; 'Born This Way' - which shows more emotion and passion in her music and lyrics. I personally think her latest album is a great way for her to connect with her fans all over the world by relating her music to problems they may face themselves. The actual song 'Born This Way' is all about ignoring the haters, staying true to ourselves and being beautiful in our own way - oh, Gaga, you softy. There has been a lot of talk about whether Gaga is about to top Madonna's role at being queen of pop; of course most have thought this idea barbaric but rumour has it that poor Madonna nearly put out her hip attempting the 'Marry The Night' choreography that Gaga does so flawlessly. Sorry Madge, but you're getting on a bit. Not only is Lady Gaga an insanely successful singer-songwriter; she is also well known for her charity work and support for all her gay fans. Gaga stands as a magnificent role model within the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community and often makes speeches both in and out of songs and tours. I think this is truly terrific and being a fan myself I can really connect with her and, she has indeed taught me that there's no shame in being who we are and we are all born this way. Just like any die-hard Lady Gaga fan would claim, she has given me an entire new perspective in life and she's altered my view on not only myself, but the people around me.Of course, though, she is not all that holy and saint-like - there are a few other characteristics of our beloved Gaga that are a little wilder and in some people's opinions 'too weird'. Gaga's wardrobe is just phenomenal; anybody who has seen her perform or seen videos of her live or even just her music videos - we come to terms with just how much she likes to express herself. However because Gaga is such the unique fashionista she is, she received a lot of hateful messages via twitter and in magazines about how people just don't agree with her choice of fashion. I won't be a sugar-coated fan and pretend everything Lady Gaga does is terrific and brilliant - because I can't say the thought of constructing meat-inspired Going GAGABy Georgia GouldingGeorgia GouldingGaga stands as a magnificent role model

www.networkshe.com79Once GCSE's are finished, we all scream hallelujah, am I right? Although, in this day and age we are expected to carry on our education into sixth form or college and then onto university. What options are out there if you don't want to do that? Stay in a dead end job your whole life? Well I hope not! I finished my GCSE's happily and couldn't wait to get into sixth form, I got right up to the end of the year and realised that furthering my education within a school environment wasn't for me, SKOOLS OUT!By Amy CollardAmy CollardIhta'sp ptihees t I've ever beenso I left before my exams to start an apprenticeship. I've been in this apprenticeship for 2 months now and it's the happiest I've ever been. I feel the media puts pressure on the youth of today and almost makes young people feel that they have to comply with societies attire has ever struck me. Sometimes, I stop and look at some of her designed outfits and costumes for on stage and I wonder whether she just covers herself in glue and rolls around in random items. Whatever floats your boat though, girly; you're excellent at modelling your strange butcher dresses for all us little monsters. Whether you love her or hate her, you cannot deny that Lady Gaga is a true role model and is a very admirable source. I admire her most for sticking by her views and beliefs and sending out her messages of peace and equality through her music. I think what she does for her fanbases and the musical industry is just spectacular and nothing should ever possess her to give up. She might not be everyone's cup of tea; but whichever café is serving her, tell them they've got a new customer. views of the correct path of life. Within my apprenticeship I'm learning the most valuable skill you can learn and that is communication. You don't learn that in school, as you're either surrounded by people you don't like or people you like and are comfortable with! Although my apprenticeship isn't directly connected to my main goal in life (to become an air hostess) I feel it pushing me nearer and nearer to my career aspirations and targets. I have gained a lot more confidence since starting in the world of work and I highly recommend apprenticeships across a whole spectrum of working worlds, whether it be construction or business and admin, like me! It was only until I took control of my own life and made my own decisions that I gained so much more than I would've only ever dreamed. I'm the happiest I've ever been! I know now that it's only yourself who can make the hardest decisions and life is what you make of it.