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76Network She I Autumn/Winter 2012Beaufort Park Hotel and Conference CentreMold, Flintshire, CH7 6RQTel: 01362

Teen Talkbackwww.networkshe.com77By Bradley KennedyWe let the youth of today have their sayDigital Magazines, Interactive Newspapers and eBooks. What on earth? Yes, today's society is getting ever more technologically advanced. With the introduction of the Kindle and iBooks for Apple devices, downloadable books have been a global success! For all you tech novices out there, this means that people can now get books on their mobile devices and store thousands of them to read at any given time. It seems to be catching on with more and more people ditching with tradition and moving from hardback to software. With the ever-growing collection of Apples 700,000 books alongside Amazons 765,000 books you are spoilt for choice.Companies are now making it easier to set up subscriptions and have automatic updates of newspapers. You can wake up in the morning and pick up your device, which has automatically downloaded the mornings paper, and sit and read it even before you get on the train.Overall the books may be cheaper (averaging around £0.99) and the whole idea is more environmentally friendly, but the gross amount of books one may buy is increasing exponentially meaning it is far easier to spend more than you usually would. Not only that, but the variety of magazines and books is becoming more widespread, you can now download articles ranging from technology to fashion and health.When Apple introduced the iPad and iBooks it opened a whole new category for tablet newspapers and magazines. Magazines where you could manipulate pictures, zoom and rotate, they even have interactive games and adverts, the possibilities are endless. With a lot of the choices being free downloads, people are downloading in the millions. It does make you wonder if 10 years from now, will we all be reading the daily news from our tablets? Would companies even bother printing on paper at all? It would be a world with extremely less waste but extremely more internet traffic! Just something to think about.Bradley KennedyA WORLD run by MACHINES