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70Network She I Autumn/Winter 2012You've got a great idea for a conference or an event but the next headache is to find the perfect venue. Choosing the right venue for your event can be as important as deciding on the content of the day. Here are some pointers to help you find that perfect venue.1. FacilitiesAlways visit the venue before you book it if you can. Check that the room is big enough, what equipment they have to hire, what refreshments are available and if there is free Wi-Fi access.2. StaffIt's the quality of the people that separates the acceptable from the exceptional. Ensure that you are given a dedicated events co-ordinator who will be your single point of contact. When you visit the venue make note of the greeting you experience.3. CostMake sure that you set yourself a budget. Be open and honest with the venue and make it clear what your budget is. Ensure that you get a written quote from the venue and check that it includes everything.4. Breakout AreasCheck for breakout areas, where delegates can escape and relax away from the conference room. A good venue will provide a separate area for refreshments to be served.5. Car ParkingCheck out the parking arrangements. A good venue will have free parking but if they don't make sure that your delegates know before they come how much it will be. If you're looking for a venue in North Wales, Glasdir Business and Conference Centre is a modern building with purpose built facilities and has a range of rooms of all sizes. Whether you are a business start up looking for a meeting room for a few hours, a training provider looking for a venue for your training, or an conference room, Glasdir is the perfect venue.Tel: 01492 640640 . www.glasdir.comThe PERFECT VENUEGlasdir is one of the finest meeting andconference venues in North Wales. Set in the market town of Llanrwst, Glasdir offersaffordable quality facilities.Mae Glasdir yn un o ganolfannau cyfarfodydd acynadleddau gorau'r gogledd.Mae Glasdir yn sefyll yng nghanol tref farchnadLlanrwst gyda chyfleusterau rhagorol a phrisiau rhesymol.Tel/Ffon01492 640640 www.glasdir.comMeeting .Conference .Exhibition .TrainingCyfarfod .Cynhadledd .Arddangosfa .Hyfforddiant@glasdirLlanrwst /GlasdirLlanrwst0091_GlasdirAd_LandscapeOpt_Layout 1 15/08/2012 16:44 Page 1by Elin Mai RowlandsNETWORK SHE PROMOTION eich busnes i lwyddo yn y dyfodolFriday, November 9th 20129.30am - 4.30pm At Glasdir, LlanrwstThis action packed day is a must for everyone who wants to grow and develop their business. Mae'r Diwrnod Llawn Cyffro Hwn yn hanfodol i bawb sydd eisiau tyfu a datblygu eu busnesau. Dysgwch gan y gorau..Tocynnau AM DDIM i MBCH (SME'S) gyda swyddfa yn Sir Conwy £55 i bob busnes arallI gael rhagor o wybodaeth ac i archebu lle ewch i Gwener, 9 Tachwedd 20129.30YB - 4.30pYH YN Glasdir, LlanrwstLearn from the best...Tickets FREE to SME's with an office in Conwy County £55 to all other businessesFor further information and to book your place visit Gwadd Guest Speaker Kevin Greengwelwyd ar Sianel 4 Secret Millionaireas seen on channel 4Secret MillionaireArm yourbusiness forfuture success