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It was only a few months ago that I finally decided to take the plunge and pluck up the courage to say what I actually do as part of my job when introduced to strangers. Which is odd, because it's something that I have done in one way or another all my working life, initially as a specialist nurse running a clinic for twenty-one years for patients with erectile dysfunction, then as a family planning nurse and pregnancy options counsellor and in the last ten years as an accredited sex and relationship therapist.Despite having spent quarter of a century learning about, talking and discussing sex in all its glory (or not) I still found it difficult, when asked "What do you do?" to say "I'm a sex therapist". I began to wonder about this, as I am the least likely person to be shy or blush about anything sex related and yet here I was struggling to find the right words. I have been rather surprised and a little puzzled by the varying reactions I have encountered so far. I assumed that the reactions generated would vary according to the age and gender of the person I was speaking to, and up to a point my assumptions were mostly correct, but it has been the range of responses that has most surprised and amused me.Reactions have varied from shrieks of astonishment such as "Wow! I've always wanted to meet a sex therapist!" to folk spluttering over their cups of tea, to genuine interest and enthusiasm for the job I do. I have felt at times like a minor celebrity who has to be introduced to everyone in the room as 'The Sex Therapist' when in fact I am a very ordinary person who has a very ordinary job, helping very ordinary people with very ordinary problems (at least that's how I see it). Edna offers advice on how to revive your drive on page 89..Dr Edna Astbury-Ward - A very ordinary person with a very ordinary jobNoelle Watson - Absolute satisfaction guaranteedNoelle Watson is a professional Personal Trainer who says she can give you guaranteed results without going to the gym. She is expert at working with women and will work with you at or around your home. You don't need equipment or much space. Noelle will give you everything that you need to look and feel fabulous. She has created a winning seven step system - The Feeling Fabulous Formula, because she firmly believes that looking and feeling fabulous shouldn't stop at 40! She can say this from the heart because she was born in 1961. Noelle says if you put all seven simple steps into place then success is inevitable. She loves to work with women aged 39 - 55 who need the right advice and support with losing weight, toning up and having more energy in their lives. With nearly 20 years' experience, Noelle says she is arguably the only personal trainer in Denbighshire and Conwy who knows how to give women what they really want. She's very sought after for her skills as a result. She says she can make real women look and feel years younger and fitter in just 4 - 6 months without setting foot inside a gym. Noelle is so confident her Formula works that she offers Premium Packages with an Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee. So if you don't feel fabulous at the end of your programme, she will work with you at her own cost until you do! Her clients tell her that she makes them feel better than chocolate does and makes them look better than any expensive designer label ever could! Have a look at the article on page 67 to find out more about what she could do for you. NETWORK SheContributorsMeet four inspiring women who have contributed to this issue of the Network She magazine6Network She I Autumn/Winter 2012

Christine Bailey - Living the dreamAsk Christine Bailey what her dream is and she will openly tell you, "I am living it"."I hoped to work in paediatric medicine but somehow went into management and then worked for the police for ten years. Face painting can be very therapeutic for some children so I came full circle in my own way."Born and brought up in Cheshire, single mother of five children, Christine painted as a hobby for a year before becoming a full time pro painter five years ago"I was asked to face paint at Glastonbury Festival by a friend. The challenge of the weird and wonderful requests quickly had me hooked and so I took a training course." Already running a part time therapy business Christine decided to set up a face painting business to run alongside it. In a matter of months the demand for her face and body painting totally took over!Now a proud member of FACE (The International Face Painting Association whose members have to pass an accreditation test to ensure they meet standards of speed and skill. Christine abides by a code of practice and code of conduct and undertakes an annual 'MOT' test to ensure she is still providing the same high standard of service to clients with continued professional development encouraged and supported.Christine's work has been recognised as she was awarded third place at the International Face and Body Painting Festival. Now more of her spare time is spent mentoring newcomers to the industry and playing an active role helping to run the association.So who is Christine's face painting hero and inspiration? "Ooh that's a toughie" she said. "So many artists produce work which inspires me, but for their generosity, humility, and the support they have given me on my own journey it would have to be a tie between Body Painter John Davis and Face and Body Artist Catriona Finlayson Wilkins. The lady assisting me on the day of the Network She magazine front cover photo shoot was the very lovely Lily Martin. Lily and I met when I did my initial training. There was an instant connection and we have been close friends ever since. Lily is my other face painting hero.Lily, a learning mentor in a high school has been painting for sixteen years. Initially I set up MistyMoo Face Painting ( and Lily was trading as Reflections Face Art ( We still run our respective face painting businesses but recently set up Colours Alive! ( together to provide a quality body painting and gestational art (bump painting) service". Contact Mistymoo on 01565 722081 or 07986 675049. See how Christine discovered the wild side of cover girl Radha Patel on page 31.She ContributorsSharon has 19 years experience within the beauty profession, where she has gained recognition of excellence within the Industry by being nominated by the British Beauty Awards as one of Britain's 'Best Body Therapists'. Choosing to share her industry experience, in 2009 she gained her PGCE as a beauty lecturer & A1 assessor. She currently supports young students by course coordinating beauty therapy level one and supports different colleges with aspects of beauty therapy.Sharon also writes for a variety of publications, giving industry updates on new trends and helpful beauty advise. Sharon tells us all that glitters is crystal, caviar and gold on page 64.www.networkshe.com7Sharon Grieve - One of Britain's 'Best Body Therapists'Network She is continually looking to develop and grow the magazine content and is always interested in hearing from people who have something to contribute. If you have a story you would like to share please conatct us via We look forward to hearing from you.