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www.networkshe.com49The secret is out...The NEW Spa at Ruthin Castle Tel. 01824 702 664

50Network She I Autumn/Winter 2012The female breast is one of the most attractive aesthetic areas in female anatomy. All paintings are eloquent testimonies to the important role that feminine beauty and depiction of breasts play in societies. Our perception of what constitutes normal breasts has not changed for the past 2,500 years. The size, shape, and symmetry of the breasts can have a dramatic effect on the women's wellbeing and self-esteem. Breasts, breast lumps and breast implants have always been the centre of many debates and discussions, each for its own reasons. Cosmetic surgery is a fascinating, creative and perfectionist job. Breast enlargement has shown a steady rise over the years. In my practice, it's the most common operation. Numerous other alternatives have been advocated but none has gained as much popularity, reliability or inplant longevity. Silicone implants are widely used as they give a more natural shape and feel. A number of questions are frequently asked with this type of surgery:Are the Implants safe? This has been searched extensively and studies confirm the safety of breast implants. The recent concerns with regard to the PIP implants should not overshadow the fact that implants have existed and have been successfully used for many years. It was and is the most common operation. You simply have to search for the right surgeon, reputable practice and perhaps enquire more on the make and manufacturer of the implants provided. Do Implants affect the ability to feel/detect breast lumps? No, breast implants are inserted deep to the breast tissue or deep to muscle. It should not affect the ability to feel for or detect lumps. Prior to having mammograms, you would need to mention to the radiographer that you have implants.Breast Enlargement: Can I go to the gym/swim? Yes, approximately after the first 6 weeks, you can resume normal full daily routine activities.Breast Enlargement: Can I fly, having had Implants? Certainly, this has no effect on implants. The breast size will not be affected at all during flying.Why do prices vary? A number of factors influence the price. The type, quality of implant and the quality of care can also vary widely, for e.g., you might not see a consultant throughout the whole of your treatment. Do Implants need replacing? Many people think that implants need to be replaced every 10 years. This is not the case. Only replace if there is a problem. There is no shelf life time as such.Is there any warranty on the implants? Yes, the manufacturer that we use provides implant warranty, in case of implant rupture. What's the most popular requested bra size? Double D is probably the most wanted size.For any enquiries, you can email Mr Fahmy on or contact 01978 262462 OR 0794 951 5013. It is always advisable to bring a friend or a relative during your consultation, as it may further assist you in any questions you may have.Mr FS FahmyConsultant Cosmetic SurgeonSpire Yale hospital, WrexhamBreast Implants WHAT TO EXPECTConsultant Cosmetic Surgeon Mr Fahmy answers your questions and queries about what to expect when undergoing breast surgeryMr FS FahmyAll you need to know about boobs