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44Network She I Autumn/Winter 2012Ihad my breast implants fitted around 4 years ago - 3 years before the first news broke about the safety of the implants. I had the surgery for cosmetic reasons - like many women, after breastfeeding two children I'd lost some of the shape and wanted to look a bit 'fuller'. I did lots of research and finally decided on the Harley Medical Group based in Chester. After the initial swelling went down and the pain had subsided I was pleased with the results and went back to work within a couple of weeks.I wasn't unduly worried as I was reassured by the fact that there were no lumps. A few weeks later I went for a scan at Arrowe Park hospital on the Wirral. It was then that I started to think there might be something wrong as the scan took one and a half hours not the half an hour I had expected. A week later I got the results which showed there was a rupture. I was completely shocked. Because I'd had no lumps which were being reported as symptoms, I was sure there would be nothing seriously wrong. I was so upset and really quite scared as it was being reported that there was a possibility that this type of implant could cause cancer. The scan was sent to Harley who said that they would see me but I had to wait six weeks for an appointment. The waiting was agonising - I felt like I was living in a nightmare. I couldn't sleep or eat and my work and home life were severely affected.Harley were good though and apart from the fact that they fitted me with these implants in the first place, I don't have any gripe against them. They agreed to remove the implants for free and fit me with alternatives. I know many women were initially refused this from other private clinics so I am grateful that I did not have to do battle with them to get them removed on top of everything else. Having done a lot of research on PIP implants I have found some of the information staggering. PIP implants were only tested 800 times in comparison to the 40,000 my current Implant NIGHTMAREPIP implants hit the headlines with concerns over their safety. Samantha Peddie shares her story and is using her experiences to help othersIt was then that I started to think there was something wrong as the scan took one and a half hours, not the half hour I expectedHowever, about a year ago when the PIP scandal broke I received an email from the Harley Group saying that they were looking into the type of implants that I'd had fitted in case they were PIPs. This prompted me to do some digging myself and it was later confirmed that I'd had this type of implant fitted. Shortly after, I began to feel a pain in my left breast like a burning sensation. I wondered at first if because I now knew that I had the PIP implants, that my mind was playing tricks on me but the pain continued and I decided to go to my GP. The GP couldn't feel any lumps but in any case referred me for a scan straight away.All you need to know about boobsSamantha Peddie

www.networkshe.com45an all-female team we feel we are in a better position to empathise with claimants and women don't need to feel embarrassed about discussing aspects of their claim or providing sensitive photos. If you have had PIP implants in the last 5 - 10 years I would say it is definitely worth finding out the type that you have. If you do have the PIP implants but don't have symptoms I would still say it is worth getting yourself checked out and, because of their safety record, consider having them replaced with an alternative. Anyone who has suffered because of PIP implants including time off work, trauma and stress, may well be entitled to compensation.If you are concerned about PIP implants and want to find out more please call Samantha Peddie at Vantage Law on 0151 229 1843 or email have. They were filled with tyre and mattress filler, which made them much cheaper than alternatives, probably why so many clinics chose to use them over the safer alternatives. Many women have had it worse than me. Although PIP implants aren't poisonous, in some cases lymph nodes have had to be removed following a leak. Women who have been through this experience deserve to be compensated for the trauma. I wanted to use my own experience to help other women in the same situation and Vantage Law is now pursuing claims for women affected by PIP implants. I am working alongside a specialist female barrister to provide a service that is sensitive to the personal nature of these claims. As The waiting was agonising - I felt like I was living in a nightmare. I couldn't sleep or eat and my work and home life were severely affectedIt is thought that around 47,000 women in the UK have been fitted with PIP implants which have hit the headlines recently with concerns over their safety. Despite the fact that a review led by the NHS's medical director has found that they do not cause a long-term threat to human health, it did conclude that PIP implants have double the rupture rate of other implants. Around 95% of these implants have been fitted privately with around 5% being fitted on the NHS, mostly for breast reconstruction following cancer. PIP was founded in 1991 by former travelling salesman Jean-Claude Mas to take advantage of the rapidly growing market for cheap cosmetic implants. The sub-standard gel he used enabled him to boost the company's sales and make himself a multi-millionaire. The scare raises questions about regulations within the cosmetic surgery industry and has caused anxiety to thousands of women, prompting many to have their implants removed and replaced with alternatives, necessitating a second round of painful surgery and the downtime associated with that. Vantage Law is a boutique law firm run by solicitor Mark Pollard and personal injury specialist Samantha Peddie. Samantha has her own experience of PIP implants and is now pursuing claims for other victims of the scandal.Did youknow?All you need to know about boobs