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I have recently opened a small business that operates 7 days a week and needs to open on Bank Holidays, including some of the forthcoming Christmas and New Year holidays. What holidays are my staff entitled to and what do I have to pay them?All workers are entitled to a minimum of 5.6 weeks paid annual leave each year. This equates to 28 days for someone working five days a week, and is capped at a statutory maximum of 28 days for all working patterns. Part-time workers are entitled to the same level of holiday but calculated on a pro-rata basis, so 5.6 times your usual working week, (e.g. 22.4 days for someone working 4 days a week.) This entitlement includes bank and public holidays.If your staff work casual or irregular hours it may be easiest to calculate holiday entitlement that accrues as hours are worked. The 5.6 weeks entitlement is equivalent to 12.07% of the hours worked.Workers don't have an automatic right to paid leave on bank and public holidays. The right to time off or extra pay for working on these days depends on the terms of the employment contract.Staff should request time off on a bank/public holiday in the same way that they would request any holiday. The problem with Christmas and New Year is that everyone wants some time off, so, if you want a workplace fully staffed with happy staff, it is important to let everyone know your opening days/times as soon as you can so that you can agree a rota that will ensure that your business has cover and staff have some time off during the festive period.This year is quite straight-forward because the main days (Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day) do not fall on a weekend, so there are no substitute days needed.Staff start building up holiday entitlement as soon as they start work and should receive their normal pay for any holiday taken.I've heard that something has changed about Employment Tribunals, what has happened?Any worker who commenced employment on or after 6th April 2012 will now, usually, need to complete two years' service with their employer before they can claim unfair dismissal. Before this date an unfair dismissal claim could be made after one years' service.These are just the briefest of details of the forthcoming legislation. If you would like more details, or to discuss how these changes could affect your business, please contact Pat Frost of Quay Consultancy Ltd on 01492 573904 or 07872 325110 or e-mail workers are entitled to a Written Statement of Terms and Conditions of Employment if they've been working for longer than one month. An employer has a duty to give this to employees within two months of them starting work.As from 1st October 2012 Pensions auto-enrolment begins. This means that eventually all employers will have to offer a workplace pension scheme. The date that employers have to offer this is "staged" according to the number of staff employed, with larger employers being the first to have to offer this. Smaller employers will have to offer this in coming years.Did youknow?Did youknow?What you need to know NOWby Pat Frost, Quay ConsultancyEmployment lawwww.networkshe.com39

40Network She I Autumn/Winter 2012Business Point was established in 2006 to provide local businesses with one main point of contact when dealing with the College. Business Point operates across North West and Central Wales, working with both new and established businesses in the private and public sectors. Our aim is to support businesses wishing to train and develop their employees by offering training advice and support, accessible and flexible training options, and appropriate funding packages. We offer training at all levels, from basic skills to professional development courses and one day courses to longer tailored training packages.We can also provide a range of delivery options, including on or off-the-job training at your own premises or at either of our Business Point locations in Dolgellau or St Asaph. Both our dedicated employer bases have training suites and IT rooms, free car parking and access to video conferencing facilities. Rooms are also available to hire at competitive prices. Training with us offers significant benefits:. As part of the largest group of Colleges in North Wales, we are able to offer unrivalled and an affordable range of quality training options. Investing in your staff will have a positive impact on your business, including a more motivated workforce, enhanced productivity and increased customer frequently approach us with specific issues which require tailor made training solutions, With Business Point, your organisation can benefit from bespoke training which is specifically designed and developed to meet the needs of your business. Business Point employs a team of Business Development Advisors (BDAs) who have detailed knowledge of the North Wales area and specific business sectors. All our advisors come from a business or industry background and have a wealth of experience in working with employers, especially small and medium sized businesses.One of our BDAs will be able to visit your organisation at a time to suit you. They are Welcome to BUSINESS POINTBusiness Development Advisors able to give advice that will enable you to make an informed decision about the right training for your staff.A free Training Needs Analysis will be completed with you to identify your business' objectives, your staff development needs and your preferred method of training. The review process will result in a training plan being drawn up to meet your specific needs designed to fit in with your everyday activities and, maximise your training budget and deliver real results. Bespoke Training We understand that businesses often require tailored training programmes to address current skills gaps and meet relevant industry standards. By working with you, we will evaluate your training needs and make cost-effective recommendations.Tel: 0845 450 59 60NETWORK SHE PROMOTIONBDAs Clockwise: Geraint Jones, Andrew Thomas, Rebecca MacDonald, Joyce Sneddon, (Business Development Manager), Christine Rhisiart Derwena Watkin, Director of Enterprise and Regeneration