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26Network She I Autumn/Winter 2012Whether you believe it or not you are incredibly talented and are destined to have everything you choose in this life. What interferes with this true destiny and puts the brakes on your success is the doubt and mind cabbage that talks you out of the good ideas, and talks you in to keeping yourself small. In this article we are going to look at how you can right now take the brakes off, and re-wire yourself to outsmart, outperform and ultimately outclass your competition. Outsmarting - Within you is a money genius, sitting in your mind, waiting to unleash its talents on your business, and your life. The question is: are you ready to let it?If you're not sure, then what you need to do is take time to identify all your mind cabbage, all the beliefs, the thought and feelings around not being smart enough, and then use whatever technique necessary to uproot those thoughts, and plant new ones. In my book, Wire Yourself for Wealth I teach you precisely how to do this, using a grounded conversational technique that gives you complete control over your thoughts and beliefs. With this new found control and focus you will have access to insights and understandings where before you only saw confusion and ambiguity. Outperforming - Your personal money genius has specific strengths. There are eight money genius types, and depending on which type you are you have specific things that will work well for you, and Outsmart your RIVALSBusiness coach and author Laura Leigh Clarke reveals how you can keep ahead of your competitionWithin you is a money genius, waiting to unleash its talents on your business and your life

www.networkshe.com27everything else will be struggle and effort. The key to outperforming your competition lies in knowing these specific strengths in making money, and then just sticking to doing the tasks involving those strengths. Doing anything else just distracts you from producing results and makes life more difficult. Outmanaging - is all about attracting a team aligned with your vision, and empowering them to find and use their money genius. Decide which tasks you need doing within your business, then map out the type of person you need to do them. This will give you clarity on either recruiting a new team, or reallocating tasks within your existing team. Make sure each individual gets to work to her strengths and is encouraged to take on increasing amounts of responsibility so that the business evolves naturally, and doesn't get stunted by your need for control. Decide which tasks you need doing, then map out the type of person you need to do themLaura Leigh Clarke is the author of Wire Yourself For Wealth, published in July 2012. Laura says."The first supposition of Wire Yourself for Wealth is that we already have within us enormous potential for converting our value into cash. The second is that we should be able to attract money doing what we love, and not working ourselves into the ground. This is the handbook for heart-centred entrepreneurs who want to make money doing what they love."To win a copy of Wire Yourself For Wealth answer the following question;How many money genius types does Laura say there are in her article?Send your answers to Wire Yourself For Wealth, PO Box 142 LL30 9BL or email answers to date Friday 22 February 2013Win Win WinPut Your Best Foot Forward and Come and See UsT 01745 586360 aNew Business?We'll helpyou take yourfirst stepsSage & Companyare committed to being the first point of call for established businesses and start upbusinesses and offer the following:.Free in house consultations and support.Fixed fee, payable monthly even if you are on the phone to us all the time!. Free initial set up advice for start up business*. Special package for startups - 1st year free**Subject to Terms and ConditionsSage & Company are specialists in start up businesses and small business growth. Apart from the essential services thataccountants provide we have recognised the need for extra special support, help and guidance required to kick start therecovery of the local business economy.Start as you mean to go on!CHARTEREDACCOUNTANTS