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digital marketing agencywe create, we build, we deliver... we live in Chester | web | digital brochures | printProud partners of Network Shecall us on 01244 893117

www.networkshe.com3WelcomeMeet the TeamThe type of stories that never fail to touch the heart and bring a tear to the eye of the most hardened and cynical of us are those about animals. In this edition we have gone one better in our cover story and not only found the animals themselves fascinating but the people who care for them with stories as interesting as their charges. We have featured three women who work at zoos each with a very different job. From Dr Andrea Fidgett who has created a unique recipe book to Karen Lambert the arachnophobic who works with spiders and Sue Coleman who flies in the face of the saying never work with children or animals.All three have a passion for what they do. A passion which is shared by the four women profiled in our feature Vocation, Vocation, Vocation, women whose careers are so much more than just a job. The story that most sums up bravery and inspiration is that of Kristen Hallenga who was misdiagnosed in her early 20's and is now coming to terms with terminal breast cancer. Instead of bemoaning the hand that fate has dealt her she has used her plight to help others and along with her twin sister Maren, launched the Coppafeel campaign to help save others by making us all breast aware. The twins frankly share their thoughts in a positive and poignant interview. Also in our Know Your Boobs feature Sam Peddie talks about her PIP implant scare and explains how she is also trying to help others who may have been affected.In addition join Heather Snead who gave it all up to follow her dream and sail half way around the world. We take a sneak peak behind the scenes to learn the tricks of the trade from TV make-up artist Charlotte Parry Jones and discover how television set designer Venitta Gribble has used her experience to help restore a 17th century manor house.In addition we have our regular mix of features all offering the best help and advice, to keep you and your business healthy.Andrea Williams, Features EditorAs Network She continues to grow into a nationwide initiative, bringing you quality events, exhibitions, seminars, workshops, business awards and a fantastic magazine we would like to offer you the opportunity to get involved and be part of the networking group that is exclusively for women who mean business. Do you want to own your own business? Are you looking for an established business opportunity offering great personal and professional rewards? Do you want to access a resource that will work alongside and develop your existing business and your career? Do you want the support of a recognised quality brand with an established successful portfolio? Network She is looking for enthusiastic motivated individuals to join the team, setting up and running Network She across the country. To find out more email or give me a call on 0845 0095081. I look forward to hearing from you.Ruth Lloyd-WilliamsPublishing Director and Founder of Network SheWe need youRuth Lloyd-WilliamsPublishing DirectorT 0845 Williams Features EditorT 0845 WilliamsChief DesignerT 07710 624402 WilliamsFeature PhotographerT 01248 Contributing WritersJoanna Ellie Grovecliffordellen@hotmail.comGriselda Kumordzie TogoboT +44 7903 888 689griselda@awovi.comwww.awovi.comLaura Leigh ClarkeT 07949 569 609laura@lauraleighclarke.comwww.lauraleighclarke.comTo guarantee you receive your copy of the next issue of the Network She magazine email your contact details to Network She Subscriptions at She HQ, PO BOX 142, LL30 9BLTwitter: @networkshe . Facebook: networksheLinkedin: Network She . Tel: 0845