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18Network She I Autumn/Winter 2012Welshot Imaging is dedicated to sharing the craft of creative photography. They are a photographic academy, run by photographers, where like-minded people get together to share their passion and their skills.... so what's that got to do with networking?Surprisingly, lots. While photography is largely a hobby industry, it is also a very popular way to make a living. Being a photographer in business is a hard and lonely experience, it's hard to find good, knowledgeable, supportive people who are willing to share their knowledge. It is made even harder for Woman as you'd expect in a male dominated industry. Welshot provides mentors, workshops and events (for fun and for continued professional development) and passes on work, helping with agreements and contracts as well as being there to bounce ideas off. We are the place to turn to when a supportive network is needed.In a non-completive way as Welshot is primarily here for the Members.Ruth Lloyd-Williams talks to Lee Iggulden about how and why networking is an integral part of Welshots success and the on going development of its members.We have had the great pleasure of working with the team at Welshot on some of our most exciting projects and have met some exciting new Network She members through you, how would you explain to those dipping their toes into photography what the benefits are of getting involved?Welshot is a fun, friendly affordable way to enjoy your hobby or develop photography as a career. We provide members with the support network to help them in the way they want.If you want the odd session to learn a few things specific to your needs, that is also fine. Just dip in and out as you wish.We also run experience trips overseas looking at the world around us. For women who love photography and love to travel but don't like to do it alone these events are perfect.How does knowledge of photography benefit a small business with their PR and marketing or other aspects of their business?We all know first impressions count. When you are promoting your business and yourself using photographs, it is important that you use the best images that you can. If it's not possible to hire a Professional Photographer then there are things you can do to help yourself. From posting images direct onto your social media platforms from your phone, to downloading images from your compact it is important to get it right so that you produce the best possible image from the camera you are using. It's all about posing a person, composition and lighting, they enhance the image you are taking.Our Photography for Business workshops, which will be running early in 2013 help you get the best from your camera whether it is your phone, compact or DSLR. The workshops aren't complex but they do give A WELSHOT image is everythingRuth Lloyd-Williams talks to Lee Iggulden as to why networking plays a vital part in Welshot's successLee IgguldenPicture courtesy of Mark Carline

www.networkshe.com19Tracy Ashfield I've loved photography for as long as I can remember, but it took me half a life time to set up my part time business Ashfield Images Photography. Although I'd had some support from local government initiatives, I found it often to be generic advice and difficult to apply to my own endeavors.Then one evening, during a routine trawl of the internet looking for a little inspiration, I came across the Welshot website. I dropped Lee Iggulden a quick email to enquire what it was all about and was promptly invited to the next Chester meeting the following week.I had no idea what to expect as I walked into the room, but some 18 months on, it's safe to say I'm very glad I found the courage to go along and say Hi! that evening.Thanks to Welshot, I really feel that both my business and I have benefited, in what is really quite a relatively short period of time. I have been lucky to meet and work with a number of well regarded business experts who are at the top of their field which in turn continues to help me set goals and focus on the direction in which I'd like to take my business over the next few years. To read Tracy's full story visit www.networkshe.comTracy Ashfieldyou the basics to get the best pictures you can with what you've got. Of course, if you do have a complex shoot and really need a professional photographer to get the job done right give us a call, it is not as expensive as many people think to hire a professional and a good image is worth its weight in gold.What if your budget only stretches as far as a 'point and press' camera or you only have access to a mobile phone?You can still learn how to make the best image with that camera just placing your subject in the right position, making sure your horizon is straight and the image is exposed in all the right places can and does make a difference.You are obviously going to be restricted by what you can and can't do but that's where we are special, we tailor our training around your needs, capabilities and equipment.Why in particular would women benefit?We are often told that women feel uncomfortable learning about photography because they think it's all about equipment or geeky knowledge. But when they attend a Welshot Imaging event they are surprised at how relaxed and fun it is, with a great environment for learning and networking. It can sometimes be more comfortable for women to discuss issues specific to women, with other women in a non-judgemental way and when it comes to photography at Welshot we do find men and women see the world differently.Who or what inspires you to develop other women through photography?I love photography but it surprises some to know that I only pick up the camera for fun. But I love helping others, I love researching and I am a fanatical organiser and when I wasn't getting what I needed and wanted from a camera club I started Welshot.I am in awe of great business women, those that are confident, knowledgeable, dedicated and hardworking and have a passion for whatever they are doing. I love to watch, listen and learn from them whoever they maybe, whatever their business is, from well known business women to women who help in the community.I am now lucky that I meet fantastic women who are photographers as well as being great business women and when they say to me that they would love to be able to do what I do it spurs me on to make Welshot an even better network of resources, knowledge and support to help them.What would your ideal photo shoot be and who would you take along to share the experience?I think the biggest dis-service we are doing as a society now is worrying too much about photography in public places. We are not going to have any social history or documentary photographs for our future generations to look at like we have all grown up with and so I'd like to document more of the life around me.I would like to have lived in the era of Vivian Maier and travel around with her as she captured life around her - without anyone ever realising it. Vivian died leaving 1000's of images in an attic and only became known recently.A WELSHOT IMAGE